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FOPI is a nuclear and hadron physics experiment at the GSI SIS/ESR accelerator facility in Darmstadt, Germany. Employing charge particle tracking in a magnetic field, the chief goal of FOPI is to understand highly excited hadronic matter. At such densities, it has been predicted that one of the fundamental QCD symmetries, the chiral symmetry, will be visible in hadron properties that are expected to be different from the vacuum behaviour inside dense hadronic matter.

To accomplish this goal, the FOPI Collaboration is upgrading its apparatus. One of the major efforts in this endeavor is to replace the existing data acquisition system. A second task is to implement a state-of-the-art time of flight system (RPC counters). Candidates interested in obtaining Diploma and/or PhD Theses in this research area can obtain additional information from or Prof. N. Herrmann.
Also a post-doc position is offered in this research area, for futher informations, please contact Prof. N. Herrmann.

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